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Tuncer Oren
Tuncer Oren
Emeritus Prof. Dr., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Ottawa

Dr. Tuncer Ören has been involved with simulation since 1965. His Ph.D. is in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (1971). He has over 500 publications (nearly 200 in the 2000s) –some translated in Chinese, German and Turkish and 40 books and proceedings. He has contributed to almost 500 conferences and seminars held in about 40 countries. He has been keynote or invited speaker, or honorary chair in about half of them. Dr. Ören is the founding director emeritus of the M&SNet (The McLeod Modeling and Simulation Network of SCS). He is an SCS fellow and was inducted to SCS Modeling and Simulation Hall of Fame –Lifetime Achievement Award. He was selected by IBM Canada as one of the pioners of computing in Canada (2005). A book about him (2015): L. Yilmaz (ed.) Concepts and Methodologies for Modeling and Simulation: A Tribute to Tuncer Ören, Springer.

Research Interest

Advancing modeling and simulation methodologies; agent-directed simulation,full synergy of agents and simulation; agents for cognitive and emotive simulations, including representations of human personality, emotions, emotional intelligence, understanding, sources of misunderstanding and conflict;reliability, quality assurance failure avoidance and ethics as well as body of knowledge and terminology of modeling and simulation.

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