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Agostino Bruzzone
Agostino Bruzzone
University of Genoa

Agostino Bruzzone is General Director of M&S Net (34 Centers worldwide) member of the McLeod Institute of Simulation Science,founder and member of the board of MIMOS, president for Simulation Team. He serves in the DIME at the University of Genoa as Full Professor and he is active in the field of simulator-based applications for defense and industrial applications coordinating many R&D projects involving innovative Modeling & Simulation (M&S), Intelligent Agents (IA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Design of Experiments (DOE). He has written more than 200 scientific papers plus reports in partnerships with major companies (e.g.IBM, ENI, Contship, Solvay) and agencies (e.g.NASA, European Defence Agency, NATO, Italian MoD, DGA, DoD). He teaches “Project Management”, “M&S“ and “HLA” and he is President of the MIPET (International Master Program in Industrial Plant Engineering & Technologies) of Genoa University. He is currently serving as M&S Project Leader for NATO STO Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE). Prof. Bruzzone began his engineering studies at the Italian Naval Academy and earned his doctorship in Mechanical Engineering from Genoa University.

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