Modeling Methodology

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Augmented reality (AR) is a technique that combines a live view in real-time with virtual computer-generated images, creating a real-time ‘augmented’ experience of reality. Modeling in AR enables to create 3D models and embed them to the real world. The most interesting aspect is that it brings to the users the illusion of building models in the real world. Many intuitive user interfaces and interactive techniques have been introduced and applied to 3D modeling systems in AR. And the ultimate goal is to make the users more satisfied in creating models. 

  • Metamodeling
  • Multi-Resolution Modeling
  • Multi-Paradigm Modeling
  • Parallel & Distributed Simulation
  • Modeling for Augmented Reality

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Modeling and Simulation 2018
Modeling and Simulation 2018
Modeling and Simulation 2018
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