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Modeling and Simulation is a discipline for mounting a level of understanding of the interaction of the parts of a system, and of the system as a whole. The level of understanding which may be developed via this discipline is seldom achievable with any other discipline. A simulation is the manipulation of a model in such a way that it operates on time or space to compress it, thus empowering one to perceive the interactions that would not otherwise be apparent because of their separation in time or space. A model is a simplified representation of a system at some particular point in time or space projected to promote understanding of the real system. 
  • Computer modeling
  • Computer simulations
  • 3D computer graphics
  • Computer design and engineering
  • Software design and engineering
  • Computer networks & cryptography
  • Data mining & theory of computation

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Modeling and Simulation 2017
Modeling and Simulation 2017
Modeling and Simulation 2017
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