Complex System Modeling and Simulation

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Business Process Modeling refers to a skeletal depiction, explanation or picture, which defines a specified sequence of activities in a particular business or organisational unit. This Business Process Modeling summary necessarily concentrates on modeling systems which can be defined using sequence based techniques, since at an elemental level sequence is crucial to quality and related factors. Also, at an elemental level, i.e., when a big activity is broken down into its constituent parts, sequence can have a vital effect upon the effectiveness of each of the individual processes. Business Process Modeling target to improve business act by optimizing the capability and quality and by fusing activities in the provision of a product or service. Business Process Modeling techniques are concerned with 'mapping' and 'workflow' to enable understanding, analysis and positive change.

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Modeling and Simulation 2018
Modeling and Simulation 2018
Modeling and Simulation 2018
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